Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why the name?

I think most bloggers either spend a lot of mental energy coming up with a unique and figurative name for their blog to capture the essence of what they want to accomplish, or else they give the effort a name that is descriptive, stodgy, and commonplace. I wrung my hands for a while in search of the perfect blog name, and ended up somewhere between capturing an essence and stodgy description. I hope it's obvious that the "fur fort" part refers to Fort Vancouver in the fur trade era, without appropriating the name in a way that might lead anyone to connect this in some formal or official way with the US National Park Service or the  Fort Vancouver National Historic Site . The "fun" part is meant to suggest that I intend this to be informal, informative, and useful for those interested in these matters, without a lot of the ponderous academic jargon and complication that we see in the sort of historical writing that allows serious scholars in one ivory tower to talk to serious scholars in other ivory towers, but which leaves out or turns off a lot of the general public. The "facts" part, however, means that I hope to keep up the standards of accuracy and objectivity that historians strive to achieve when the write about the past. It does not mean that I want to stick strictly to listing "facts" in isolation, with no effort to provide some context or to understand what those facts mean in connection to other information and things we care about or want to know more about. Also, as Alex Trebek might appreciate, the name I came up with is alliterative--by using four short words that start with the same sound it's fairly easy to remember, in case anyone wants to go back for more, or share the name with others who might be interested.

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